Support for Enumerations in Python

In Python, Enumerations are implemented by using the enum module. The Enums has names and values. The Enums can be accessed by using names or values.

To use this module, we should import it using.

import enum

The Enum has some properties. These are −

  • Enums can be displayed as string or repr format.
  • The type() method can display the enum types
  • There is name keyword, to show names of the enum members.
  • Enums are iterable

Example Code

Live Demo

import enum
class Rainbow(enum.Enum):
   VIOLET = 1
   INDIGO = 2
   BLUE = 3
   GREEN = 4
   YELLOW = 5
   ORANGE = 6
   RED = 7
print('The 3rd Color of Rainbow is: ' + str(Rainbow(3)))
print('The number of orange color in rainbow is: ' + str(Rainbow['ORANGE'].value))
my_rainbow_green = Rainbow.GREEN
print('The selected color {} and Value {}'.format(, my_rainbow_green.value))


The 3rd Color of Rainbow is: Rainbow.BLUE
The number of orange color in rainbow is: 6
The selected color GREEN and Value 4