Python - Application Areas

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is suitable for development of wide range of software applications. Over last few years Python is the preferred language of choice for developers in following application areas −

Python for Data Science

Python's recent meteoric rise in the popularity charts is largely due to its Data science libraries. Python has become an essential skill for data scientists. Today, real time web applications, mobile applications and other devices generate huge amount of data. Python's data science libraries help companies generate business insights from this data.

Libraries like NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib are extensively used to apply mathematical algorithms to the data and generate visualizations. Commercial and community Python distributions like Anaconda and ActiveState bundle all the essential libraries required for data science.

Python for Machine Learning

Python libraries such as Scikit-learn and TensorFlow help in building models for prediction of trends like customer satisfaction, projected values of stocks etc. based upon the past data. Machine learning applications include (but not restricted to) medical diagnosis, statistical arbitrage, basket analysis, sales prediction etc.

Python for Web Development

Python's web frameworks facilitate rapid web application development. Django, Pyramid, Flask are very popular among the web developer community. etc. make it very easy to develop and deploy simple as well as complex web applications.

Latest versions of Python provide asynchronous programming support. Modern web frameworks leverage this feature to develop fast and high performance web apps and APIs.

Python for Computer Vision and Image processing

OpenCV is a widely popular library for capturing and processing images. Image processing algorithms extract information from images, reconstruct image and video data. Computer Vision uses image processing for face detection and pattern recognition. OpenCV is a C++ library. Its Python port is extensively used because of its rapid development feature.

Some of the application areas of computer vision are robotics, industrial surveillance and automation, biometrics etc.

Python for Embedded Systems and IoT

Micropython (, a lightweight version especially for microcontrollers like Arduino. Many automation products, robotics, IoT, and kiosk applications are built around Arduino and programmed with Micropython. Raspberry Pi is also very popular alow cost single board computer used for these type of applications.

Python for Job Scheduling and Automation

Python found one of its first applications in automating CRON (Command Run ON) jobs. Certain tasks like periodic data backups, can be written in Python scripts scheduled to be invoked automatically by operating system scheduler.

Many software products like Maya embed Python API for writing automation scripts (something similar to Excel micros).

Try Python Online

If you are new to Python, it is a good idea to get yourself familiar with the language syntax and features by trying out one of the many online resources, before you proceed to install Python software on your computer.

You can launch our Python Online Compiler from Coding Ground section using the following link :


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