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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


The method join() takes list of string as input and returns string as output. It removes ‘,’ and add the given string with join to the list.

Q 2 - Name the python module which supports regular expressions.

A - regex

B - re

C - pyre

D - pyregex

Answer : B


re is the module which supports regular expressions and is part of standard library.

We can import re module as − import re.

Q 3 - What is output of following code −


A - ('hijk', 'cd', ' ')

B - ('hijk')

C - ('hijk', ' ', ' ')

D - Name error

Answer : C


Since there are no separators in the given string so the output is the same string.

Q 4 - What is output for − min(''hello world'')

A - e

B - a blank space character

C - w

D - None of the above.

Answer : B


python considers a blank space character as minimum value in a string.

Q 5 - What is output of following −


A - ‘any’

B - ‘yan’

C - b’any’

D - x’any’

Answer : C


encode() returns bytes object.

Q 6 - Analyze the given below code?

class Demo: 
   def __init__(self,d): 
   def print(self): 
a = Demo(''Hello'') 

A - You cannot use print(self) as a function name.

B - Program has an error because class A does not have a constructor.

C - Program will print ‘Hello’ if we change print(d) to print(self.d).

D - Syntax Error.

Answer : C


D stores the argument value here. Thus when we call the class ‘‘Hello’’ is passed as an argument which is stored in the variable d.

Answer : B, C, D.


Recursive function is used to make the code simpler. They are better version of non-recursive functions.

Q 8 - Which function can be used on the file to display a dialog for saving a file?

A - Filename = savefilename()

B - Filename = asksavefilename()

C - Fielname = asksaveasfilename()

D - No such option in python.

Answer : C


This is the default method to display a dialog for saving a file in Tkinter module of Python.

Q 9 - Suppose you are using a grid manager then which option is best suitable to place a component in multiple rows and columns?

A - Columnspan and rowspan

B - Only row

C - Only column

D - Only rowspan

Answer : A

Q 10 - What is the value of a, b, c in the given below code?

a, b = c = 2 + 2, ''TutorialsPoint''

A - a=4, 'TutorialsPoint'

b= 4, 'TutorialsPoint'

c= 4, 'TutorialsPoint'

B - a=2

b= 'TutorialsPoint'

c=4, 'TutorialsPoint'

C - a=4

b= 'TutorialsPoint'

c=4, 'TutorialsPoint'

D - a=4

b= 'TutorialsPoint'

c= NULL.

Answer : C