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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


The method join() takes list of string as input and returns string as output. It removes ‘,’ and add the given string with join to the list.

Q 2 - How can we swap two numbers a = 10, b = 20 in python without using third variable?

A - a = b

b = a

B - a,b = b,a

C - both a & b

D - b = a

a = b

Answer : C


To swap two numbers we can use both a & b option. Both a & b are similar statemnts written in different ways.

Q 3 - Name the error that doesn’t cause program to stop/end, but the output is not the desired result or is incorrect.

A - Syntax error

B - Runtime error

C - Logical error

D - All of the above

Answer : C


logical error doesn’t cause the program to stop/end, but the output is not the desired result or is incorrect.

Q 4 - What is output of following code −

def func(n):
      return 1;

A - 12

B - 10

C - 9

D - 11

Answer : B

Q 5 - What is output of following −


A - ‘any’

B - ‘yan’

C - b’any’

D - x’any’

Answer : C


encode() returns bytes object.

Q 6 - Analyze the given below code?

class Demo: 
   def __init__(self,d): 
   def print(self): 
a = Demo(''Hello'') 

A - You cannot use print(self) as a function name.

B - Program has an error because class A does not have a constructor.

C - Program will print ‘Hello’ if we change print(d) to print(self.d).

D - Syntax Error.

Answer : C


D stores the argument value here. Thus when we call the class ‘‘Hello’’ is passed as an argument which is stored in the variable d.

Q 7 - What is the out of the code?

def rev_func(x,length): 
   print(x[length-1],end='' '') 
x=[11, 12, 13, 14, 15] 

A - The program runs fine without error.

B - Program displays 15 14 13 12 11.

C - Program displays 11 12 13 14 15.

D - Program displays 15 14 13 12 11 and then raises an index out of range exception.

Answer : D


In the print statement of rev_func we use the index value of list x. We decrement the value of length of function because it becomes the index of x in the print statement.

Q 8 - Which method is used to convert raw byte data to a string?

A - Encode()

B - Decode()

C - Convert()

D - tostring()

Answer : B


Decode is the method used to convert the raw byte data to a string.