Stevia - Benefits and Side Effects

Stevia, also known as Stevia rebaudiana, belongs to the chrysanthemum genre. Many buy Stevia from the grocery shop, but there is a vast difference between the Stevia available at the market and the plant you grow in your garden. Available at a grocery shop, Stevia does not contain whole stevia leaves. Instead, this Stevia is generated from highly refined stevia leaves.

What is the use of Stevia?

Stevia is generated from the stevia plant, which is the sugar substitute. It is also considered a non-nutritive substitute, and it contains zero calories. Experts suggest Stevia for those who are suffering from diabetes. It contains glycosides of different types, and this product is primarily available from plants like Stevioside, Steviolbioside, Dulcoside A, Rebaudioside, etc. These produce Stevia, and the most common glycosides are Rebaudioside. It is 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar and contains fewer calories.

Benefits of Stevia

One can buy stevia products in the market or grow the plant in the garden. Experts often suggest individuals consume Stevia to stay away from different health hazards. Besides being consumed with zero calories, Stevia is famous for fewer sucrose levels. Several diseases can be healed using Stevia; all can check the relevant information below.

Blood Sugar

Doctors often use Stevia leaves for diabetic patients. As per research, it has been noticed that the sweeteners available in Stevia do not aid in calorie intake, and hence it does not enhance the blood sugar level. Therefore, doctors often suggest that diabetic patient consume stevia leaves as sugar made from stevia leaves do not impact the level of insulin in the body. Many times doctors have noticed that type 2 diabetic patients have reported a reduction in blood sugar levels after consumption of Stevia.

Cancer Prevention

Sugar made from stevia leaves comes with a necessary antioxidant known as kaempferol. The existence of kaempferol is required to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. In addition, these stevia leaves also contain glycoside, also known as stevioside, which is helpful in cancer cell death. Cancer cells are developed with the help of mitochondrial pathways, and the consumption of Stevia lessens these pathways.

Weight Reduction

 For individuals who are suffering from obesity or excess weight for them, Stevia leaves work great. Human faces weight gain problem due to several causes like heredity, excess consumption of sugar-based food & processed food, etc. Stevia does not come with sugar content or calories. Hence, individuals who need a balanced diet can opt for Stevia.

Good for Kids

Parents often fill their kids’ diets with different types of sugar-based food. This food habit will make children suffer from obesity. Doctors also recommend Stevia for kids. Parents can also opt for drinks and snacks based on Stevia for their kids. This will not only maintain the taste of their dishes but also will maintain their health.

Suitable for a Reduction in Blood Pressure

For individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure for them, Stevia works amazingly. Many studies have mentioned that Stevia is good for lowering blood pressure. Stevia contains glycosides, and it helps in the reduction of blood pressure. It will also help in normalizing the heartbeat.

Limitations or Side Effects of Stevia

Stevia product is considered safe for all, and physicians often recommend Stevia for many patients. It has been noticed that the extract from Stevia is free from any harm, but crude leaves can develop some limitations for individuals.

Individuals can suffer from the side effects mentioned below.

  • Sometimes individuals can suffer from a kidney ailment.

  • Crude stevia leaves can create some problems for the reproductive system.

  • Your cardiovascular system can get affected.

Sometimes, people can also suffer from the problems like swelling and nausea, or they may feel dizziness. In addition, individuals can also face the issues like muscle pain.

Effect During Pregnancy

Women are often wondering whether the consumption of Stevia is suitable for their health or not. This product comes with non-nutritive sweetening ingredients and has become extremely popular over the years. Many searches for the best artificial sweeteners during pregnancy, and Stevia can be the best solution.

Stevia comes with the best ingredient Reb-A and helps in control during pregnancy. However, the consumption of sugar depends on the personal health of women. Well, if you like to consume raw stevia leaves grown in your garden, this will be harmful to your health. Especially pregnant women should not consume natural stevia leaves.

Stevia leaves do not contain high calories, but women should not consume excess products. Stevia is considered safe to consume during pregnancy, but all pregnant women should consult with doctors before consuming it. Studies have not yet revealed the quantity of Stevia that every woman should consume during pregnancy. Hence it is always suggested to seek the guidance of professionals before a pregnant woman starts consuming Stevia.

Stevia-enriched Drinks

Different soft drinks are available in the market, which contain artificial sweeteners like Stevia. Therefore, you must be keen on consuming soft drinks, ice creams, or candies rich in Stevia. However, consuming too much of these stevia-enriched products can deteriorate your blood sugar level. Well, stevia-rich food and drinks may contain few calories, but one should consume them within control.

Ways to use Stevia as a Substitute for Sugar

Sugar made from stevia leaves is used as a substitute for regular sugar. Individuals can use this product in their favorite dishes despite using table sugar. As per experts, one tweak of Stevia-made sugar is almost equal to one teaspoon of regular sugar. You can use stevia sugar in different ways, like tea or coffee, lemonade, etc. You can also spread a sprinkle of stevia sugar in the cereal. Stevia sugar can also be used in yogurt to sweeten it. Baking with Stevia is also a good option, making your cake or cookies tasty. Several brands in the market offer the best stevia sugar that helps you maintain good health.


Stevia comes with necessary health benefits with low calories, and individuals need to understand the essential beneficial factors of Stevia. However, Stevia also has some side effects, which every individual should check before consuming this stevia-based product.