SAP QM - Usage Decision

Usage decision is used to decide whether you want to accept or reject the goods in the inspection lot based on the results of the inspection. As per inspection results the process is marked as completed.

To create a usage decision against inspection lot −

Step 1 − Go to T-code: QA32 and Enter Plant Code.

Lot Origin

Step 2 − Select the inspection lot origin 01, which is SAP inspection type used for raw material inspection.

Step 3 − Press Execute to display the list of inspection lot.

Step 4 − In the next screen, click the Usage Decision button at the top.


Step 5 − In the next screen, enter the UD code as A for acceptance. You can see the quality score as 100 based on Usage Decision code.

Step 6 − Go to Inspection lot stock TAB to do stock posting in next SAP screen.

Stock Tab

Step 7 − In the next screen, you can select the quality stock of 200 to unrestricted stock if the quality results are within expected specifications, which hits movement type 321 in the background.

Unrestricted Use

Click the save button to save the usage decision.