SAP QM - Final Inspection

You perform final inspection of goods after production goods receipt in SAP system. Inspection lot is created after goods receipt for a production order and inspection lot type is 4 for final inspection. SAP system creates a unique inspection slot contains details of production order, sampling, etc.

The quality inspection is performed until you perform result recording and usage decision is made for the lot.

Final inspection process consists of the following steps −

  • Creation and Confirmation of Production order
  • Listing Inspection lot
  • Attaching and releasing inspection lot
  • Sampling
  • Result recording
  • Usage decision
  • Posting the stock

Creating and Confirming Production Order

When you confirm a Production order in the system, it will trigger goods receipt and hence an Inspection lot is created in the system automatically.

Step 1 − To create a Production order, use T-Code: CO01

Final Inspection

Step 2 − In the next screen enter the following details −

  • Enter the Material Code to create a Production order.
  • Enter Production plant code.
  • Enter Production order type.
Production Order Type

Step 3 − Once you enter all the details, click the tick icon at the top. In the next screen, you have to enter the details of Production Order.

  • Enter the Production Order quantity.
  • Enter current date from the drop-down list.

Step 4 − Click the Release button at the top to release the order.

Date Type

Step 5 − Click the Goods Receipt tab to confirm if you have Quality inspection activated. When you have this activated, you can see quality inspection stock against stock type in next window.

Step 6 − In the next window, check stock type as quality inspection, which means after confirmation and goods receipt of production order, it will trigger an inspection lot and the stock will hit quality inspection stock.

Stock Type

Step 7 − To save the Production order, click the save button.

Header Order

Save Order Number

Good Receipts against Production Order

Step 1 − To post good receipts against Production Order, use T-Code: CO11N

Post Good Receipt

Step 2 − In the next window, you have to enter the production order number created in the previous step. After entering order number, all details would be populated automatically.

Step 3 − Click Goods Movement to post goods receipt and goods issue of components.

Time Ticket

Step 4 − In the next screen, you can see Goods receipt for this Production Order. Click the save button to save the order.

Result Recording for raw material

Next is to do result recording, as done in previous inspection, for raw material and Inprocess material.

Step 1 − Use T-Code: QA32 as shown in previously under Raw material inspection.

  • Enter Plan code.
  • Enter Inspection lot as 04.
  • Press the execute button to display inspection lot list.
Selection Profile

In the next screen, you can see the following details −

  • Inspection lot generated in earlier steps along with material.

  • Check the SAP system status as REL CALC SPRQ. It shows that Inspection plan is copied in inspection lot and sample size calculated and stock posting required from quality stock to unrestricted or any other stock category.

Step 2 − Next click the Results button at the top to do results recording.

System Status

Step 3 − In the next screen, you will see the result of inspection lot.

You can see the short text- Master Inspection Characteristics with the specifications like length, surface, width, etc.

Step 4 − A sample size of 5, calculated automatically by the system if sampling procedure is assigned in the inspection plan. Enter your actual results against the inspection specifications.


Click the save button to save the results.

Create a usage decision against Inspection Lot

Step 1 − To create a usage decision against inspection lot, go to T-Code: QA32

  • Enter Plant Code.
  • Select the inspection lot origin 04.
  • Press Execute to display the list of inspection lot.
Execute Display

Step 2 − In the next screen, select Usage decision button at the top.


Step 3 − In the next screen, enter the UD code as A for acceptance. You can see the quality score as 100 based on Usage Decision code as for the raw material inspection.

Step 4 − Go to the Inspection lot stock TAB to do stock posting in next SAP screen.

Stock Tab

Step 5 − In the next screen, you can select the quality stock of 200 to unrestricted stock if the quality results are within expected specifications, which hits movement type 321 in the background.

Unrestricted Use

Step 6 − Click the save button to save the usage decision.

This shows the stock movement from quality inspection to unrestricted stock category to show completion of inspection after production.