SAP QM - Quality Notification

As mentioned in the previous topic, using Quality notification you can record different type of problems occurred due to poor quality of goods.

Quality notifications can be created for the following internal and external problems −

  • Defect Analysis
  • Customer Complaint
  • Complaint against vendor

You can use SAP quality notification process to raise the following documentation −

  • To record the names of all individuals/ partners who are directly associated with the defect identified in goods delivery, production.

  • To record the individual defect items and analyze the root cause of the defected items.

  • To mention the corrective actions to be taken that are identified after doing the analysis of problem in detail.

  • To track corrective actions to be implemented using status management features of notification.

  • In quality notification, you capture all the activities and tasks that are performed as part of problem identification and to fix the issue.

  • You can generate various standard reports related to defects and quality notification in SAP system.

Completing Notification in SAP System

To release and complete the quality notification in SAP system −

Step 1 − Use T-Code: QM02 as shown in the following image.

Release Complete Code

Step 2 − In the next screen, enter quality notification number created. Press ENTER to move to next screen.


In the next window, you can find the following details −

  • Purchase order number for which goods have been received.
  • Inspection lot, which is linked with the purchase order number.

Step 3 − Go to the Items tab to move to the next SAP screen.

Change Notification

Step 4 − When you click the Item tab, you can see the defect type in the next screen.


Step 5 − Select the item and click the Causes button to move to next screen to define cause of the problem.

Step 6 − Enter the code group QM for the cause means that this is design defect. These code groups are configured based upon the business requirements.

Catalog Selection

Step 7 − Go to the Tasks tab to define the rework, which needs to be done. Select code QM-G2 for the rework. Go to the Activities tab to move to the next screen.


Task For Item

Step 8 − In the Activities tab, you need to mention the activities to be performed when the defect is identified. Enter the group QM- G2 that shows that a special complaint to be filed against the vendor.


Step 9 − To complete the notification process, click the complete button at the top as shown in the screenshot given below.

Complete Button