SAP GRC - Overview

SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance solution enables organizations to manage regulations and compliance and remove any risk in managing organizations’ key operations. As per changing market situation, organizations are growing and rapidly changing and inappropriate documents, spreadsheets are not acceptable for external auditors and regulators.

SAP GRC helps organization to manage their regulations and compliance and perform the following activities −

  • Easy integration of GRC activities into existing process and automating key GRC activities.

  • Low complexity and managing risk efficiently.

  • Improve risk management activities.

  • Managing fraud in business processed and audit management effectively.

  • Organizations perform better and companies can protect their values.

  • SAP GRC solution consists of three main areas: Analyze, manage and monitor.

Modules in SAP GRC

Let us now understand the different modules in SAP GRC −

SAP GRC Access Control

To mitigate risk in an organization, it is required to perform risk control as part of compliance and regulation practice. Responsibilities should be clearly defined, managing role provisioning and managing access for super user is critical for managing risk in an organization.

SAP GRC Process Control and Fraud Management

SAP GRC Process Control software solution is used for managing compliance and policy management. The compliance management capabilities allow organizations to manage and monitor their internal control environments. Organizations can proactively fix any identified issues and certify and report on the overall state of the corresponding compliance activities.

SAP Process control supports the complete life cycle of policy management, including the distribution and adherence of policies by target groups. These policies help organizations to reduce the cost of compliance and improve management transparency and enables organization to develop compliance management processes and policies in business environment.

SAP GRC Risk Management

SAP GRC Risk Management allows you to manage risk management activities. You can do advance planning to identify risk in business and implement measures to manage risk and allow you to make better decision that improves the performance of business.

Risks come in many forms −

  • Operational Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Financial Risk
Risk Management

SAP GRC Audit Management

This is used to improve the audit management process in an organization by documenting artifacts, organizing work papers, and creating audit reports. You can easily integrate with other governance, risk and compliance solution and enable organizations to align audit management policies with business goals.

SAP GRC audit management helps auditor in making things simple by providing the following capabilities −

  • You can instantly capture the artifacts for audit management and other evidences using mobile capabilities drag-drop feature.

  • You can easily create, track, and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up.

  • You can perform search using search capabilities that allows to get more information from legacy and working papers.

  • You can engage auditors with a user-friendly interface and collaboration tools.

  • Easy integration of audit management with SAP Fraud Management, SAP Risk Management, and SAP Process Control to align audit process with business goals.

  • Quick resolution of issues using automated tracking tool.

  • Enhance the staff utilization, and less travel costs resulted from internal audit planning, resource management, and scheduling.

  • Easy integration with SAP Business Objects reporting and data visualization tool to visualize audit reports using Lumira and other BI reporting.

  • Use of pre-established templates to standardize audit artifacts and reporting process.

SAP GRC Fraud Management

SAP GRC fraud management tool helps organizations to detect and prevent frauds at early stage and hence reducing minimizing the business loss. Scans can be performed on huge amount of data in real time with more accuracy and fraudent activities can be easily identified.

SAP fraud management software can help organizations with following capabilities −

  • Easy investigation and documentation of fraud cases.

  • Increase the system alert and responsiveness to prevent fraudent activities to happen more frequently in future.

  • Easy scanning of high volumes of transactions and business data.

SAP GRC Global Trade Services

SAP GRC GTS software helps organizations to enhance cross border supply within limits of international trade management. It helps in reducing the penalty of risks from International Trade Regulation authorities.

It provides centralize global trade management process with a single repository for all compliance master data and content irrespective of size of an organization.

SAP GRC Capability Model

SAP BusinessObjects GRC solution consists of three main capabilities − Analyze, Manage and Monitor.

In the following diagram, you can see the SAP GRC Capability Model that covers all the key features of SAP GRC software. Using GRC, organizations can check for all potential risks and compliance findings and can take correct decision to mitigate them.

Capability Model