SAP BPC - Word Integration

It is easier to integrate BPC with MS Word and to create reports. BPC 10.0 has the capability to directly integrate and report using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well.

BPC 10.0 version of NetWeaver helps you combine the BPC features with rich functionality of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Using BPC for office you can use all default features of Microsoft and worksheets, presentations can be directly linked to BPC database.

Word Integration

Following tasks can be performed for client maintenance.

  • Reset the Current View Bar
  • Clear Local Application Information
  • Refresh Dimension Members
  • Refresh Dynamic Templates
  • Set Local folder for Planning and Consolidation for Clients

You can open these interfaces via BPC Web → List of available interfaces

Word Integration

Publishing from Microsoft Word

Go to File − Save As. Select Save as Web Page as shown in the following screenshot.

Publishing From Microsoft word

Enter the file name and select the Web folder that points to your BPC application set location.

You can select from the following directories −

  • AppSetPublications − Used for publication that applies to all applications within AppSet.
  • [application] − Used to publish for a specific application.
  • _private − User specific.

Once you select the directory, click ‘Save’ icon.

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