SAP BPC - Hot Analysis

Hot Analysis is used to set up hot link to another report or cell in another report. EvHOT functions are used by BPC Application Set and AP Shell to provide a sample report called Hot Analysis. Hot links are used by the users for ad hoc reporting and also used in the process selector reporting.

This is used to switch between reports that are in different applications.

EvHOT Function Syntax

EvHOT(AppName,ReportName,DisplayName,Member1,Member2,Member3,Member4, …………………., Member N)

You have to pass the following parameters in EvHOT function.

AppName − This is the name of application. Note that in BPC system there is a setting in Workbook Option, which allows the system to remember the current view. By default, this setting is disabled. In this case, if you switch to a new application using EvHOT, it changes the application in the current view of workbook and other reports that you access in this session tries to get data from that application.

If this option is enabled, current view will revert to the workbook's application setting when switching focus to it.

ReportName − This is the name of the report. The root directory for BPC reports is the Wizard directory for the given application.

When you create a report - use eTools → Save Template Library option.

DisplayName − The text the user clicks to go to the specified report location.

Member1-Member N − This represents the CurrentView member. Here you can mention as many number of members you want.

Example of EvHOT Syntax

EvHot("Finance","Report2","2010 Quarter 2","2010.Q2")

Note − This report should be stored in \Reports\Wizard folder. Exact path is Report Wizard folder −


In case of a new report, you will also have to increase the template version in the BPC administration client.

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