SAP BPC - Terminologies

On comparing BPC 7.5 and BPC 10.0, following are the key terminology differences between the two.

BPC 7.5 BPC 10.0
AppSet Environment
Dimensions Dimensions
Applications Models
Business Rules Business Rules
Validation Rules Control Settings
Script Logic Logic Script
Work Status Settings Work Status Settings
Journal Templates Journal Templates
System Report Settings Audit Report Settings

Environment − It is defined as the starting point for creating any application or model. It was called Application sets or AppSet in older versions of BPC.

Dimensions − You can mark a dimension as secure. You need to grant read and write access to the users who use the model so they can access data.

Properties − This is used to provide additional information to the dimension.

Dimension Members − Each dimension member record shows master, text and hierarchy data associated with the keys of dimension.

Model − To meet the Business Planning and Consolidation requirement of an organization, you need to build a model in an environment which is defined as collection of several dimensions.

Data Manager Package − To execute common tasks in BPC, you need data manager package.

Business Rules − To manage operations in different countries, different set of business rules are required. BPC includes rule-based table to meet some requirements for business planning and consolidation. Various rules can be set related to business planning and consolidation like - currency translation, balance carry forward, intercompany elimination, and data validation, etc.

Logic Scripts − This is defined as a set of SQL or MDX programming structure to perform some customize functions for flexibility and manage data models. When some specific requirements are not achieved using business rules that can be met by the use of Logic Scripts.

User − A user is defined as an individual who uses the application in Appset.

Team − A team is defined as a group of users based on user roles.

Task − All the activities that are performed in SAP BPC system are called tasks.

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