SAP - Net Weaver

NetWeaver is a combination of the underlying SAP Kernel (also known as the SAP OS layer, basically the WEB AS) and any SAP software tool for business enablement.

NetWeaver at a Glance

SAP NetWeaver describes all the software and services used for 'Business Enablement'. The SAP Business suite, such as ECC or SRM, contains the software components for that specific business solution.

  • SAP NetWeaver is an open technology platform that offers a comprehensive set of technologies for running mission-critical business applications and integrating people, processes, and information.

  • SAP NetWeaver is a web-based, open integration, application platform that serves as the foundation for enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) and allows the integration and alignment of people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

  • It utilizes open standards to enable integration with information and applications from almost any source or technology.

  • SAP NetWeaver is the foundation of SAP Business Suite and SAP Business by Design. It also powers partner solutions and customer custom-built applications.


SAP NetWeaver Components

SAP NetWeaver includes a comprehensive set of components, applications, and tools.

SAP NetWeaver Application Server

It supports platform-independent web services, business applications, and standards-based development, enabling you to leverage existing technology assets for Web-services-oriented solutions.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

It enables you to integrate data from across the enterprise and transform it into practical, timely business information to drive sound decision making.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway

It enables developers to create applications that link business users to SAP software from any environment and through any device.

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

It ensures cross-system data consistency and helps integrate business processes across the extended value chain.

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

It helps improve processes, from simple workflows to integrated processes that span applications and organizational boundaries. It includes capabilities for business process management, business rules management, and process integration.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

It unifies critical information and applications to give users role-based views that span the enterprise, enabling you to take full advantage of your information resources.

SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure

It gives you all the capabilities you need to integrate all automated sensing devices including RFID readers and printers, Bluetooth devices, embedded systems, and barcode devices.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

It addresses access and provisioning issues facing a typical enterprise. It creates a new opportunity for integrating business processes, and helps you to integrate systems in a heterogeneous IT environment.

SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management

It allows you to archive data in a readily accessible format according to regulatory retention rules that you define.

SAP NetWeaver Tools

SAP NetWeaver includes the following tools −

Adaptive Computing Controller

It provides a central point of control for assigning computing resources and optimizing their use.

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

It provides a robust environment for design, deployment, and running of composite applications that comply with a service-oriented architecture.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

It offers a convenient user interface and rich functionality for developing J2EE applications.

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer

It simplifies the creation of portal content and analytics applications, enabling business analysts to build or customize applications using a visual user interface rather than manual coding.

SAP Solution Manager

It facilitates technical support for distributed systems with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement.

SAP NetWeaver Applications

SAP NetWeaver includes the following applications −

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search

It provides a simple and secure gateway to enterprise objects and transactions.

SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On

It offers a comprehensive single sign-on solution, enabling reuse of a person's initial authentication for subsequent log-ins to all applications.