SAP - End User Customization

This chapter explains how to modify the user parameters such as personal data to communication data, time zone, date and time field format, attributes for printing, etc.

Maintain User Profile

Click “System” on the menu bar. Select “User Profile” → “Own Data” as specified in the following screenshot.

User Profile

The following screen appears with options to change the following properties −

  • Date format
  • Decimal Notation
  • Logon Language − Use this option if we want to open SAP in a different language other than English
  • Time zone
  • Spool control − This option will setup the default printer on which your documents will be printed until and unless the printer is changed at runtime or programmatically.

These options are already defaulted by SAP which the users can customize as per their preference.

Maintain User Profile

In addition, SAP also provides options to change your Personal Information such as first name, last name, email id, and mobile number of the specified user ID. These fields can be maintained in the Address tab.

Maintain User Profile