SAP - Basis

This chapter explains the following topics −

  • the role of a BASIS Administrator,
  • tasks related to SAP BASIS Administration, and
  • categorization of SAP Administrative tasks.

We can subdivide the roles of a SAP BASIS Consultant into the following categories −

Server Administrator

  • Interface Analyst
  • Solution Specialist
  • System Architect

Network Administrator

  • Transport Administrator
  • Batch Administrator

Database Administrator

  • Security Specialist
  • ABAP Specialist
  • DDIC Manager

OS Administrator

  • System Administrator

Roles of a SAP BASIS Consultant

The following illustration depicts the typical roles performed by a SAP BASIS Consultant −

SAP Basis Consultant

Tasks Performed under Different Roles

We can further categorize the tasks performed under different roles −

System Architect

  • Sizing SAP systems
  • Design SAP landscape

Transport Administrator

  • Change control across SAP landscape

Batch Administrator

  • Create and manage batch jobs across landscape

Security Specialist

  • Design, monitor, and manage access to SAP landscape

ABAP Specialist

  • Troubleshoot and tune ABAP programs
  • Apply correction to program

DDIC Manager

  • Manage changes to SAP data dictionary


  • Manage integrity of SAP database objects
  • Manage backups and restore

System Administrator

  • Maintain system health
  • Monitor and tune system performance

Interface Analyst

  • Analyze and Monitor
  • Interfaces within SAP landscape

Solutions Specialist

  • Installation of AP / Add-On
  • Migrate OS / DB
  • Upgrade SAP version
  • Archiving of SAP Data

SAP BASIS Administration Tasks

SAP BASIS administration tasks can be further categorized as follows −

SAP Administration

  • Starting and stopping SAP instance(s)
  • User administration – setup and maintenance
  • Authorization / Role / Profiles – setup and maintenance
  • Setup SAP security
  • Maintenance of system’s health
  • Monitor system performance and logs
  • Spool and print administration
  • Maintain system landscape
  • Transport management systems
  • Manage change requests
  • Create / Manage batch jobs
  • Backup schedule, run, and monitor backup of SAP
  • Apply patches, kernel, and OSS notes

Database Administration

  • Database Space Management
  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery
  • Database log (Redo log, Archive Log) management
  • Database Performance Tunings

Operation System Administration

  • Operation system security
  • Operation system performance tuning
  • OS space management
  • OS level background job management
  • OS level backup and recovery

Overall System Monitoring

  • Monitoring R/3 servers and instances
  • Monitoring users and authorizations
  • Monitoring security part
  • Monitoring workload analysis
  • Monitoring processes
  • Monitoring buffers
  • Monitoring operating system
  • Monitoring database
  • Monitoring backups

SAP Administrator's Frequently Used Transactions

  • SM04/AL08 − User List

  • SM51 − Display Application Server

  • SM37 − Background Job Overview

  • SM50/SM66 − Manage Work Processes

  • SM12 − Mange Lock Entries

  • PFCG − Maintain Roles

  • SM13 − Manage Update Records

  • SM21 − Analyze System Log

  • SM02 − Send System Messages