Saima wants to put a lace on the edge of a circular table cover of diameter 1.5 m. Find the length of the lace required and also find its cost if one meter of the lace costs ₹ 15. $(Take\ \pi=3.14)$

From the question it is given that,

Diameter of the circular table $= 1.5\ m$

We know that, radius $(r)=\frac{d}{2}$


$=0.75\ m$

Then, the Circumference of the circle$=2\pi r$

$=2\times 3.14\times 0.75$

$=4.71\ m$

So, the length of lace$=4.71\ m$

Cost of $1\ m$ lace$=Rs.\ 15$     [given]

Cost of $4.71\ m$ lace $=Rs.\ 15\times 4.71$

$=Rs.\ 70.65$

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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