Find the cost of polishing a circular table-top of diameter $1.6\ m$, if the rate of polishing is $₹\ 15\ m^2$. $(Take\ \pi=3.14)$

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Diameter of the table top$=1.6\ m$.

The rate of polishing $= Rs.\ 15/m^2$

To do:

We have to find the cost of polishing the circular table top.


Radius of the table top$=\frac{1.6}{2}\ m=0.8\ m$.

Area of the table top$=\pi (radius)^2$



$=2.0096\ m^2$

Therefore, Cost of polishing the table top$=Area\ of\ the\ table\ top\times\ Rate\ of\ polishing$ $=Rs.\ 2.0096 \times15$

$=Rs.\ 30.144$

The cost of polishing the table top is Rs. 30.144.

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