Rexx - Extended Functions

Rexx provides a number of extended functions that gives a wide variety of functionality, most of them which allow you to interact with the Operating System. Let’s look at some of them in detail as explained below.

Sr.No. Extended Functions
1 b2c

This function converts a binary value to a string value.

2 bitclr

This function is used to toggle the specified bit in the binary string to 0.

3 bitcomp

This function is used to compare 2 binary strings starting with bit 0.

4 buftype

This function is used to display the contents of the stack which is normally used in debugging purposes.

5 crypt

This function is used to encrypt a string.

6 fork

This function is used to spawn a new child process on the system.

7 getpid

This function gets the id of the current running process.

8 hash

This function returns the hash value of a string.

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