Rexx - Environment

Before you can start working on Rexx, you need to ensure that you have a fully functional version of Rexx running on your system. This chapter will explain the installation of Rexx and its subsequent configuration on a Windows machine to get started with Rexx.

Ensure the following System requirements are met before proceeding with the installation.

System Requirements

Memory 2 GB RAM (recommended)
Disk Space No minimum requirement. Preferably to have enough storage to store the programs which will be created using Rexx.
Operating System Version Rexx can be installed on Windows, Ubuntu/Debian, Mac OS X.

Downloading Rexx

To download Rexx, you should use the following URL −

This page has a variety of downloads for various versions of Rexx as shown in the following screenshot.

Rexx Download

Click on the ‘ooRexx install files’ in the table with the header of Release 4.2.0.

After this, you will be re-directed to the following page.

ooRex Install Files

Click on the to download the 64-bit version of the software. We will discuss regarding the installation of the software in the following chapter.

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