Rename multiple files using Python

To rename files in Python, use the rename() method of the os module. The parameters of the rename() method are the source address (old name) and the destination address (new name).

Install and Import the OS module

To install the OS module −

pip install os

To import −

import os

Rename multiple files using rename() method

The rename() method can be easily used to rename multiple files −


import os # Function to rename multiple files def main(): i = 0 path="E:/amit/" for filename in os.listdir(path): my_dest ="new" + str(i) + ".jpg" my_source =path + filename my_dest =path + my_dest # rename() function will # rename all the files os.rename(my_source, my_dest) i += 1 # Driver Code if __name__ == '__main__': # Calling main() function main()

The above will rename all the files in a folder “amit”.

Rename specific multiple files

In Python, you can select which multiple files in a folder are to be renamed.

import os filesRename = ['demo_1.txt', 'demo_2.txt', 'demo_3.txt',] folder = r"E:\docs\" # Iterate for file in os.listdir(folder): # Checking if the file is present in the list if file in filesRename: oldName = os.path.join(folder, file) n = os.path.splitext(file)[0] b = n + '_new' + '.txt' newName = os.path.join(folder, b) # Rename the file os.rename(oldName, newName) res = os.listdir(folder) print(res)

The above will rename only 3 files in the docs folder.