Rename multiple files using Java

Following is the code to rename multiple files using Java −


public class Demo{
   public static void main(String[] argv) throws IOException{
      String path_to_folder = "path\to\folder\where\multiple\files\are\present";
      File my_folder = new File(path_to_folder);
      File[] array_file = my_folder.listFiles();
      for (int i = 0; i < array_file.length; i++){
         if (array_file[i].isFile()){
            File my_file = new File(path_to_folder + "\" + array_file[i].getName());
            String long_file_name = array_file[i].getName();
            String[] my_token = long_file_name.split("\s");
            String new_file = my_token[1];
            my_file.renameTo(new File(path_to_folder + "\" + new_file + ".pdf"));


The files in the folder will be renamed to .pdf

A class named Demo contains the main fucntion, where the apth to the folder containing multiple files is defined. A new folder is created in the path mentioned.

The list of files is obtained using the 'listFiles' function. The file of array is iterated over, and if a file is encountered, a new file path is created and the name of the file is obtained and it is split. The files are renamed to .pdf. The names of files are shortened byobtaining the substring that begins after the first space in the 'long_file_name'.