Copy, Rename and Delete Files in Perl

Here is the Perl example, which opens an existing file file1.txt and read it line by line and generate another copy file file2.txt.

# Open file to read
open(DATA1, "<file1.txt");
# Open new file to write
open(DATA2, ">file2.txt");
# Copy data from one file to another.
while(<DATA1>) {
   print DATA2 $_;
close( DATA1 );
close( DATA2 );

Renaming a file

Here is the Perl example, which shows how we can rename a file file1.txt to file2.txt. Assuming file is available in /usr/test directory.

rename ("/usr/test/file1.txt", "/usr/test/file2.txt" );

This function renames takes two arguments and it just renames the existing file.

Deleting an Existing File

Here is an example, which shows how to delete a file file1.txt using the unlink function.

unlink ("/usr/test/file1.txt");

Updated on: 29-Nov-2019

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