React Native - Debugging

React native offers a couple of methods that help in debugging your code.

In App Developer Menu

You can open the developer menu on the IOS simulator by pressing command + D.

On Android emulator, you need to press command + M.

React Native Debugging Developer Menu
  • Reload − Used for reloading simulator. You can use shortcut command + R

  • Debug JS Remotely − Used for activating debugging inside browser developer console.

  • Enable Live Reload − Used for enabling live reloading whenever your code is saved. The debugger will open at localhost:8081/debugger-ui.

  • Start Systrace − Used for starting Android marker based profiling tool.

  • Show Inspector − Used for opening inspector where you can find info about your components. You can use shortcut command + I

  • Show Perf Monitor − Perf monitor is used for keeping track of the performance of your app.

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