Criticism of Allport’s Trait Theory of Personality

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:53:21
Gordon Allport was a remarkable psychologist and personality theorist who broke most of the rules established by other theorists, including the father of personality theories, Sigmund Freud. He also rejected the behaviorist's notion that personality entirely depends on learned and observable behaviors. All psychological theories have strengths and weaknesses and supporters and critics. There can be criticisms related to the manner of research, generalizability, the number of participants, the results, how subjective or objective the theory is or how applicable it is in the current scenario. In order to evaluate the criticism of Allport's trait theory of personality, it is ... Read More

How to turn on and off the Incognito Mode on YouTube App

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:51:11
When you are searching for a non−recurring video, such as a tutorial, a D.I.Y video, or a cartoon to keep your kids occupied while you are driving, your YouTube search results can get out of control. It is not always simple to figure out what you might want to watch by using a search engine. You can become overwhelmed by the number of suggestions YouTube offers based on what you are watching. On the flip side, this could lead to getting lost in a sea of random “once−offs.” You will find yourself sorting through dozens of unwanted recommendations for ... Read More

How to set auto-delete history in YouTube App?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:49:19
YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world with millions of users. Anyone with access to your device, laptop, tablet, or mobile, as well as any third−party applications collecting data for marketing purposes, can view and search through your YouTube history, challenging your privacy. Google introduced a new function that allows people to delete their location and browsing history records. This capability was subsequently rolled out to YouTube as well. What’s YouTube History? YouTube History records everything you watch and search for on YouTube. Your YouTube history includes the things you watch and search for ... Read More

Biological Theory of Intelligence: Hans Eysenck

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:47:35
British psychologist Hans Jürgen Eysenck, born in Germany and died in Great Britain on 4 September 1997, spent his entire career in Great Britain. Despite working on other psychological topics, his work on intelligence and personality is what people often associate him with. Eysenck was the most frequently referenced living psychologist at the time of his passing in the literature of peer-reviewed scientific journals. Biological Theory of Intelligence (1979) Eysenck claimed that psychology already has a theory of intelligence, which he referred to as the discipline's orthodox view. Eysenck (1939) had been involved in the debate between Spearman and Thurstone ... Read More

How to pause watch history in YouTube App

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:45:46
More than one billion hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube. YouTube has a massive global presence as one of the most dynamic video streaming platforms. It is one of the most popular social media platforms for video sharing in the world. As you browse YouTube, you can see all of the videos you have ever watched, which makes it simple to locate recent videos and improves your video recommendations. You can prevent your history from being cleared or paused by controlling whether or not it is active. When your history is inactive, any videos you watch will not ... Read More

How to pause search history in YouTube App

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:43:00
YouTube is a video streaming platform; it is very popular with people who want to take a break from their busy lives. When you press the search icon on YouTube, your search history will be stored and displayed to you every time you do it. If you do not want to keep track of the searches made on your account, then you can find the information in this article. You can prevent YouTube from saving your search history by following the instructions listed here. Your YouTube history improves the accuracy of its recommendations by tracking the videos you search for ... Read More

Criticism of Freud’s Psychoanalysis

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:40:01
Does anyone have all the answers for everything that happens? Is the behavior influenced by something that one is not aware of? How is that known to anyone? Have you ever done something for which you do not have the answers? Does every therapy work for everyone? No, there Is no one fit for all solutions. Every person is different, as is every technique. Sigmund Freud is a very prominent figure, but on the other hand, he was heavily criticized. Why? Because of his extreme theories like the Oedipus complex, which is not socially acceptable, or because every theory is ... Read More

How to manage your mobile notifications on YouTube App?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:39:17
Millions of YouTube users watch over a billion hours of videos daily, making it one of the most popular video−sharing and social media websites. YouTube contains content from all over the world. It is a worldwide video streaming platform that operates on various continents. When new videos and updates from your favourite channels are available, YouTube's notifications notify you. You will be notified of the channels you follow as well as those that are of your choosing. You may modify or deactivate your alerts, as well as see how you can control your alert settings on YouTube channels. You can ... Read More

Cattel's Personality Factors

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:37:43
There has been a long-standing discussion among psychiatrists over defining and characterizing personality. The trait personality theory represents one of these basic concepts. Trait theory posits that an individual's personality comprises defining characteristics. Some of the first trait theories attempted to define all possible traits. For instance, American psychologists found that the English language has more than four thousand terms that can characterize different aspects of people's personalities. Meaning In psychology, Cattell is a well-known Englishman of the 20th century. To foreshadow the analytical and mathematical perspective he might take to psychology, he enrolled at the university and physics while ... Read More

Carl Rogers: As a Psychologist

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 07-Dec-2022 13:36:09
For most of its independent life, psychology has been dominated by Freudian, behaviorist, and cognitive schools of thought. Only in the later years of the twentieth century did psychologists start acknowledging human and subjective aspects of the mind. This approach has been collectively named the humanistic approach. This approach emphasizes free will, optimism, and the fulfillment of one's potential. One of the greatest psychologists who represents the humanistic approach was Carl Rogers (1902 - 1987). Carl Rogers had made major contributions to psychology in general and counseling, developmental, and personality psychology in particular. The upcoming sections explore the life and ... Read More
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