Difference between Brand Image and Brand Identity

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:52:09
The success of a business in every aspect is affected by the opinions of its customers about the quality of its brands. Although this may be rectified, doing so will be very expensive and, in certain situations, may be impossible due to the brand's ruined reputation. Common terms used in discussions about branding include "brand identity" and "brand image." Despite common usage, there is a notable distinction between these two words. What is Brand Image? Customers' impressions of a brand are an intangible representation of the brand's perceived credibility, charisma, and character. In this way, buyers make judgments ... Read More

Difference between Branding and Marketing

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:48:41
All of the firm's operations and activities are driven by ensuring the health and continued success of the business. Launching and maintaining a business can be difficult, but there are ways to make the process more manageable and increase the likelihood of success. Branding and marketing are two of these processes. Despite the fact that the borders between these ideas are sometimes blurry, knowing the difference is crucial, especially when it comes to improving profits by boosting sales and establishing clear lines of communication with the target market. What is Branding? In this process, the company's goods and ... Read More

Difference between Brand Manager and Marketing Manager

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:41:59
A brand's reputation may have a major impact on revenue, either positively or negatively. As a result, firms invest heavily in brand management and marketing activities. For an organization to increase its sales potential and to guarantee a positive brand image in the minds of its target audience, it may decide to hire brand managers and marketing managers to handle some of these responsibilities. They work together closely, yet their functions and methods are separate. Who is a Brand Manager? This person is responsible for shaping how consumers see a firm and its offerings. As the person in ... Read More

Difference between Brand and Trademark

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:30:25
Many choices must be made while establishing a new company, some of which are made before the start of commercial operations and others that are made thereafter. Brand name choosing is a crucial step in the process. Although many people use the phrases interchangeably, there are important distinctions between a brand and a trademark. What is a Brand? When a customer associates a brand's name with a product or service, they are more likely to have a positive opinion of that product or service. Brands are made up of many different parts including the company's or brand's personality, ... Read More

Difference between Boxing Day and Black Friday

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:27:00
Everyone appreciates a good deal. This is why specific days have been selected to provide businesses with the chance to offer discounts. The two biggest shopping days are now universally acknowledged to be Boxing Day and Black Friday. Black Friday, which was originally observed nearly solely in the United States, is now widely observed across the globe. Furthermore, the majority of Boxing Day revelers reside in Canada. Consumers may score huge savings on a wide range of items at this time; nevertheless, the two groups' responses may be different. What is Boxing Day? The celebration of this non-religious ... Read More

The Wonder Called Sleep

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:01:22
Introduction Hello Learners, today we will be exploring the short story “The Wonder Called Sleep”, which is the seventh chapter of the textbook English Supplementary Reader A Pact with the Sun. A story doesn’t always need to be set in a world which doesn’t look like ours. Sometimes the stories can come directly from us and our experiences. Sleeping is a universal human experience. This tutorial talks about the importance of sleep. It also tries to look at the concept of dreams. We will look at a poem in the end as well. Story Summary This is a story ... Read More

Difference between Blue Chip and White Chip Stocks

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 13:01:12
There is a wide variety of each kind of investment. When deciding what kind of investment to make, investors consider factors such as the potential rate of income growth, the cost of the investment, and the risk profiles of the various investment options. Because of their potential to produce profits over a period of time, stocks have emerged as a prominent choice among investors. However, they are not without dangers, such as the possibility of a fall in the value of the stocks. The size of the firm, its industry, location, and style all play a role in categorizing stocks. ... Read More

The Monkey and the Crocodile

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 12:58:05
Introduction Hello Learners, we will be exploring the short story “The Monkey and the Crocodile”, which is the sixth chapter of the textbook English Supplementary Reader A Pact with the Sun. Every story has a purpose. We must be aware of this purpose because it will help us to understand the conflict in the story better. It is important to understand the characters and the universe in which these characters are set. This story is set in a village that has a water body right next to it. As it is clear from the title Monkey and Crocodile are the ... Read More

Difference between Bid and Ask Stock

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 12:56:41
The terms "bid" and "ask" are frequently used while discussing stock markets. Both of these quotations are bidirectional price quotations that show the best possible buying or selling price for the listed securities at the given time. The asking price, also known as the offer price, is the lowest possible price at which the seller is willing to sell the underlying asset being sold. The bid price is the highest price at which a potential purchaser is willing to pay for a security that is currently on a stock exchange. The transfer of ownership of the relevant securities cannot ... Read More

Difference between Bank Draft and Money Order

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 05-Dec-2022 12:48:38
Customers and merchants alike in the current world have a plethora of options when it comes to how they might make a purchase. This is due to the fact that a broad array of payment options exists such as cash, cheques, mobile payments, credit cards, bitcoin (yes, this has been expanding for years), money orders, bartering, and bank drafts. Money may be exchanged for a wide variety of things, including cash, checks, mobile payments, credit cards, and bitcoin. In this article, we will discuss about bank drafts and money orders. Although they are less common now than they ... Read More
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