Quality Center - Project Customization


Sometimes we are in a situation to customize the project. Below are the modules which will help us in customizing the project. Click on each one of these links to understand the functionalities in detail. Project Customization module can be accessed by navigating to "tools" >> "Customize" as shown below −

Customization 1

When a project administrator accesses project Customization, then the following modules would be shown to the user for customization.

Customization 2
S.No. Functionality & Description
1 User Properties

Helps user to update profile details.

2 Project Users

Add/Remove user and user roles.

3 Groups and Permissions

Add/Remove group previleges.

4 Module Access

Edit Module Level Access.

5 Project Entities

Add/Edit/Delete Project Fields

6 Requirement Type

Create,Edit,delete requirement Type

7 Project Lists

Add,Edit,Delete all project list box fields.

8 Automail

Send mail based on specific settings.

9 Alert Rules

Alert users based on specific changes.

10 WorkFlow

Defect Fields Customization.