Quality Center - Requirements

Defining and Capturing Requirements is one of the key criteria for any software development process. Describing Requirements refers to what needs to be done to meet the objectives during development. Establishing requirements clearly and correctly upfront is very much emphasized so that there would be minimal/no rework after UAT.

The Requirements module enables users to define, manage and track requirements at all stages of the software lifecycle. The following are the key functionalities in Requirements module. Click on each link to know more about them.

S.No. Functionality & Description
1 Creating Requirements

Create requirements, assign to releases/cycles.

2 Uploading Requirement

Uploading requirements using ALM-MS Excel Addins.

3 Requirement Traceability

Enables how to define traceability links between requirements and dependencies that exist between the requirements.

4 Traceability Matrix

Enables user to view the traceability matrix that lists source requirements and their associated requirements and tests.