Python Forensics - Searching

Searching is certainly one of the pillars of forensic investigation. Nowadays, search is only as good as the investigator who is running the evidence.

Searching a keyword from the message plays a vital role in forensics, when we search for an evidence with the help of a keyword. The knowledge of what is to be searched in a particular file along with the ones in deleted files requires both experience and knowledge.

Python has various built-in mechanisms with standard library modules to support search operation. Fundamentally, investigators use the search operation to find answers to questions such as "who", "what", "where", "when", etc.


In the following example, we have declared two strings and then, we have used the find function to check whether the first string contains the second string or not.

# Searching a particular word from a message
str1 = "This is a string example for Computational forensics of gathering evidence!";
str2 = "string";

print str1.find(str2)
print str1.find(str2, 10)
print str1.find(str2, 40)

The above script will produce the following output.

Search Output

“find” function in Python helps in searching a keyword in a message or a paragraph. This is critical in collecting appropriate evidence.

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