Python String maketrans() Method



Python string method maketrans() returns a translation table that maps each character in the intabstring into the character at the same position in the outtab string. Then this table is passed to the translate() function.

Note − Both intab and outtab must have the same length.


Following is the syntax for maketrans() method −

str.maketrans(intab, outtab)


  • intab − This is the string having actual characters.

  • outtab − This is the string having corresponding mapping character.

Return Value

This method returns a translate table to be used translate() function.


The following example shows the usage of maketrans() method. Under this, every vowel in a string is replaced by its vowel position −


from string import maketrans   # Required to call maketrans function.

intab = "aeiou"
outtab = "12345"
trantab = maketrans(intab, outtab)

str = "this is string!!!"
print str.translate(trantab)

When we run above program, it produces following result −

th3s 3s str3ng 2x1mpl2....w4w!!!