Python Language advantages and application

Python is an interpreted, high-level, object-oriented programming language. It is created by Guido Van Rossum. It's one easiest language to learn.

Let's see the advantages and applications of Python.


  • Beginner friendly.

    Even a complete beginner can start programming with Python.

  • Multiple programming paradigms

    We can Python as functional as well as the object-oriented programming language.

  • Large community.

    Having a large community improves any language.

  • Ocean of modules and libraries

    Python has a wide range of module and third-party libraries.

  • Open-source language.

    You can see the output of each statement immediately in the interpreter.

  • Dynamic programming language.

    We don't have to declare the variable type in Python. It automatically detects the type of variable with the given value.

  • We can use Python in any operating system.

  • Intellectual memory management.

    Python comes with a default memory management system that manages almost all the memory operations.


  • Web development

    We can use Python in web development. We can have plenty of Python-based web frameworks. Some of them are Django, Flask, Bottle, etc..,

  • GUI Applications

    We can develop the Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) using Python modules like Tkinter, PyQt, Kivy, etc..,

  • Data Science

    Most of the data scientists prefer Python for its simplicity and libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, etc..,

  • Machine Learning

    Designing machine models with Python is one of the most common applications of Python. We have different machine learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, Spark, etc..,

  • Automating Things

    We can automate the things with Python scripts very easily. For example, renaming a large number of files, cleaning the disk, working with excel files etc..,

  • Game Development

    We can even develop games using Python. Frameworks like Pygame, Pyglet, PyOpenGL, etc..,

  • Web Scraping

    We can use Python to extract data from the web. And it's web scraping. The modules like requests, bs4, selenium, etc.., help us to extract web content using Python.

  • Image Processing

    The python modules like Scikit-Image, OpenCV, Pillow, etc.., are used for image processing.


We can do most of the things with Python. You can explore more things on the internet.

Updated on: 24-Apr-2020


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