Python Challenges to Develop Your Skills

As you know Python is ranked in topmost used programming language. Python programming language is easy to learn and easy to use. If you know the basics of python you can develop some easy projects like the TIC TAC TOE game and also you can enroll in easy python coding challenges. These coding challenges will help you to improve your coding logics and if you are an intermediate level python programmer you can take a python challenge to enhance your python skills to become a professional or experienced python programmer.

Some python programming challenges for beginners.

1. Basic calculator.

Basic calculator is very easy to make if you know the basics of python like operators, if − else statements, functions you can create a basic calculator using them. Just take two inputs and perform operations on them like multiplication, addition etc.

2. Tic tac toe game.

Tic tac toe is a classic game and it’s also known as Noughts and crosses and its two player game. It is very easy to create the game even if you can. You can make this game in your IDE also if you want to make it GUI you can use python Tkinter library.

3. Learn some basic Algorithms.

If you have learned the basics and fundamentals of python language. You can further go and learn the basic algorithms like sorting, searching etc. later on you can learn more algorithms to

4. Learn data Structures.

After some basic algorithms you should learn Data structures in python like list, linked list, binary tree, sets etc. Data structures and algorithms are the most important part of any programming language.

5. Solve some easy questions on DS and Algorithms.

To Improve your coding logics you should solve some basics and easy questions based on data structures using algorithms. These questions will help to improve your logic to solve the medium level coding questions.

Challenges for intermediate python programmers.

1. Make a quiz program.

If you are an intermediate level python programmer you should try to make some mini projects like a Quiz program where you can ask questions from the user and if he/she gives the right answer the next question will come. For this type of mini projects you should know about the data structures and also know how loops work in programming language.

2. Learn Tkinter library of Python.

Tkinter is a Standard library in Python language for Graphical user interface(GUI). It provides an easy way to create GUI applications in python. You should learn the tkinter library to make GUI in python.

3. Make a GUI in python.

Using Tkinter you can make a UI in python. Using widgets, colors, text in Tkinter you should make simple UIs in python. It will help you to make Complex UIs in future.

4. Make some simple games using GUI in python.

With the help of the Tkinter library and other toolkits you can make some simple games like Tic tac toe, Tile matching game, rock paper and Scissor game etc. you can make these games for your school projects, that will make a good impression.

5. Build a calendar and Digital Clock using GUI.

Creating Simple Digital Clock using Tkinter is an easy task. You can display your system time and also you can create the calendar using the GUI in python. Also you can learn how the dynamical data change in GUI this will further help to make some real time projects.

Challenges and projects to develop skills.

1. Make some real projects.

If you are an experienced python programmer or you are working in python for a long time and want to make a project for an institution. You can make some real projects like custom email generators. Unique password generator, video downloader. And many more projects using GUI in python.

2. Solve medium and hard level questions in python.

Solve puzzles questions based on data structure and algorithms. It's time to try medium level and hard level questions. This will help to build string logics and also help to crack the interview coding questions. And if you find difficulty to solve the question you can find the solution on the internet.

3. Learn Data science.

Data science field is a vast field. If you are interested in data analysis, data science field python packages like NumPy, Matplotlib, SciPy etc will help you to analyze the data and data handling. Also further you can learn the python data science libraries.

4. Learn Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and deep learning.

Nowadays, you can find Artificial intelligence everywhere. Python language covers every basic concept of artificial intelligence like neural network, natural language processing, Machine learning, Deep learning etc. Making computers learn from data analysis is known as Machine learning. Some python packages like Pandas, OpenAI GYM, OpenCV are very useful for AI, ML and deep learning.

5. Web development.

If you are interested in Web development, Python provides many frameworks like Pyramid, Flask, Django and Django is the most famous framework in the python language.

6. Android Development.

Python provides Platforms like Kivy, Pymob, Qpython, PySide etc for android development. PySide allows the creation of a cross platform GUI.