7 Tips to Improve your Android Development Skills


Android is one of the famous operating systems which is used across many mobile devices.Almost 75 % of mobile devices across the world are using android as their mobile operating system. Hence learning android development will be beneficial which will help you to deliver your applications to the huge number of audience. For building this application you should move towards learning android development. In this article we will take a look at 7 Tips which will help you to Improve your Android Development Skills.

1. Start Contributing Towards open Source

If you are able to develop any plugin or a library for android which will help you to automate a specific task within your android project then you should consider open sourcing that project so that other developers can take benefit by using your library. You can also check out other contributors' projects and make changes in it and contribute to the open source. This will help you to connect with other developers, get to know more about each other and you can also get to learn some new concepts from other developers.

2. Focus on Your app’s Architecture

When we are starting any development whether it may be a mobile application or a web page we generally do not focus on the architecture of our project. In our early stages of mobile app development we simply put all our code in either our Activities or Fragments. Following the same method while building a complex application will mess up your code and that will lead to creating complexities while developing android applications. To avoid this you should start focusing on the architecture patterns. Adapting architecture patterns in android such as MVVM, MVP or MVM will help you to easily manage your complex projects easily.

3. Learn Clean Coding

When we are developing android apps as a beginner we generally do not focus on code quality and how we are writing code. But when we are working on complex projects we should focus on learning to code cleanly. This will help to easily read as well as manage the code as the project size goes on increasing.

4. Spend time on Learning Android best Practices

To stand out as a good android developer you should focus on learning android best practices which will help you to save your time and efforts for developing android applications. You should learn about the shortcut keys used in Android studio IDE, take a look at the different features in android studio to boost your android development process.

5. Try to Learn About Designing

Most of the developers focus on writing the code which performs background tasks to make the app functional. But at the same time they don't focus on the UI part of the application which will be visible to the user. An app with a great UI attracts more customers rather than the app with more functionality but poor UI. So many organizations mostly focus on the UI part of the application to make the app look attractive. So as an Android developer we should try to learn about designing the UIs to be used in applications.

6. Stay Consistent

If you are just starting android development as a beginner. You should start learning each concept day by day and remain consistent. Android is a vast topic and it is not possible for anyone to cover everything very easily. So you should learn each and every topic one by one and stay consistent for a long period of time.

7. Get over the FOMO

Android development is a huge domain and there are so many topics that are present within it. As a beginner developer while learning any android development concept you might get worried that you are missing out something and directly focusing on building applications. Try to get over it by starting it from the basics and learning each topic one by one.


In the above article we have taken a look at 7 Tips to improve Android Development Skills which you should follow as a beginner android developer to boost your productivity as an Android Developer.

Updated on: 17-Feb-2023


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