Put a tick () against the garbage items given in Table 16.1 which could be converted into manure. Put a cross () against the others.
Garbage ItemsMake manure or not

(i)Egg shells
(iii)Dry flowers
(v)Broken pieces of glass
(vi)Nails and screws
(vii) Plastic bangles
(viii) Left over food
(ix)Steel broken vessel
(x)Dead animals

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 6

Garbage Items

Make manure or not

(i) Egg shells

(ii) Straw

(iii) Dry flowers

(iv) Pebbles

(v) Broken pieces of glass

(vi) Nails and screws

(vii) Plastic bangles

(viii) Left over food

(ix) Steel broken vessel

(x) Dead animals





Extra information:

Manure is organic matter that is used as fertilizer by farmers to increase agriculture. Some examples are cattle dung, urine, crop wastes, domestic wastes, weeds like water hyacinth, by-products of agricultural industries, droppings of goat and sheep, slaughterhouse wastes like bone meal, blood meal, horn and hoof meal, fish wastes, etc.

They are eco-friendly and harmless. It maintains the texture and fertility of the soil. Chemical fertilizers destroy the natural composition of soil and have an adverse effect on human health.

Composting helps farmers. They don't need to buy costly fertilizers from outside as composting can be done easily at home.

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