To what use can you put the following kinds of garbage and how?
(i) Rotting smelly garbage
(ii) Dry leaves collected in a garbage
(iii) Old newspapers

(i) Rotting smelly garbage is a biodegradable process. It can be converted into compost or vermicompost. Compost can be made by burying the organic waste such as fruit peels, vegetable peels, dry leaves, etc. into a pit and covering it with soil. Vermicompost is made by using earthworms.

(ii) Dry leaves collected in a garbage can are converted into compost or vermicompost.

(iii) Old newspapers can be used for making paper bags, paper pulp for use in handicrafts, covering books, and also for making recycled paper.

[Extra information: 

The garbage containing plant and animal wastes, and waste food, when left as such in pits or heaps, is acted upon by bacteria, fungus-like organisms, causing rotting.

Rotting leads to the formation of manure. It is the conversion of complex molecules into simple molecules that can be used by plants for growth and development. Thus, the rotting and conversion of some organic materials into manure is called composting.

Vermicomposting is the method of preparing compost with the help of redworms or earthworms.]

Updated on: 01-Feb-2023


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