Parallax Scrolling in Web Design - Conclusion


In this tutorial, we have studied different libraries for creating parallax scrolling. We have covered all aspects from basic level where we used CSS to advanced level wherewe used Bootstrap for front end development. We suggest you to apply your creative skills to come up with a web page which is hard to ignore. Remember that for parallax scrolling, there are enormous examples online to provide you an inspiration.

Utilization of Parallax Scrolling

As we have already discussed in the introductory chapters, you can use parallax scrolling to achieve an extraordinary user experience. Here are some ideas for website, where you can include parallax scrolling.

Timeline Website

These type of website usually have a story to tell about a product or company or anything else. You can create a parallax effect to put forth the story to the visitor and keep them engaged with different animations.

For a timeline website, it will be worthwhile to create a background and show the text content in the foreground. You can team up with a graphic designer to create graphics which go hand in hand with the background.

Mobile App Website

Nowadays, mobile app is a must have for any product/service offering. There are many startups looking for creating mobile app website which provide an explanation of what the mobile app can and cannot do.

Apple App Store, known for their strict app creation guidelines, demands the mobile app to have a support website. This website will always need to be attractive and user friendly.

Using Parallax Scrolling, you can use a mobile image and show different types of functionalities as the user scrolls down the page. One such example is already discussed in Chapter 4 of this tutorial.

Mouse Over Effect

You can use the power of parallax scrolling and mouse over to create next level of animation. With mouse over, you can control the direction of scrolling and create a parallax effect.

In this way, there are many possibilities when it comes to creating a great experience. All you need is an idea and right set of tools and libraries.

Future of Web UI

With the power of technology and creative elements like parallax scrolling, there is a never-before competition to create amazing user experiences. This is not just limited to websites but it has also got extended to mobile sites as well.

While Web UI is currently at its peak, having a web page compatible with a mobile device is the need of time. As we have seen in the examples for Bootstrap and jQuery, the websites cannot live a long life if they are not supported on handheld devices.

Along with the existing libraries, future of user experience eagerly looks forward to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality as well. There are some webpages which are viewable using a VR gear. In such a situation, keeping in touch with the latest plugins and also looking for creating new one really makes sense.

Apply the knowledge you gained in this tutorial for creating best of the user experience, wish you much luck and success to your web development journey!