Parallax Scrolling in Web Design Tutorial

Parallax Scrolling in Web Design Tutorial

This tutorial aims to make you acquainted with Parallax Scrolling in Web Design. If you are using any modern day website on computers or mobile phones, you might have come across an effect when you scroll up/down the website, it appears like the whole screen is moving in the direction of scroll. If this is the effect in the background, the information in the foreground changes as you scroll. This effect can be vaguely described as Parallax Scrolling. As you read through this tutorial, you will understand the history of scrolling, how it evolved, the parallax scrolling definition and finally some plugins to help you get started with implementation of Parallax Scrolling.


Any aspiring web designer who wants to gain a deeper understanding of parallax scrolling effect in web designing can read this tutorial. If you have an eye for detail when designing and using websites on desktops, laptops and other handheld electronic devices, you will gain a solid understanding of parallax scrolling concept in web design through this tutorial.


This tutorial is written keeping in mind that the learners have an idea of basic knowledge of web design. An introductory knowledge of HTML, CSS and jQuery would be an added advantage for the learner. If you are a beginner to any of these concepts, we suggest you to go through tutorials related to these before you start with this tutorial.