The following is a food chain that ends with human :plants → bee → human(a) Explain how plants provide food for bees.(b) How do bees provide food for humans?(c) How does this food chain differ form a usual food chain involving human such as: plants → goat → human?(d) Do you think that the food chain given in this question can really be regarded as a food chain? Explain your answer.

(a) The nectar present in the flowers serves as food for bees. Bees suck nectar from flowers.

(b) Humans obtain honey which is prepared by bees and consume it as food.

(c) This food chain differs from the usual one, as humans, here, consume honey made by bees, whereas, usually, the food chain resembles Plants → Goats → Humans, in which humans consume the meat of goats directly.

(d) No, it cannot be regarded as a food chain, as humans do not consume bees directly but only consume the food made by them.

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