Which of the following constitute a food chain?
(a) Grass, wheat and mango
(b) Grass, goat and human
(c) Goat, cow and elephant
(d) Grass, fish and goat

Correct Answer(b) Grass, Goat, and Human


The grass is a producer, a goat is a primary consumer (herbivore), and a human is a secondary consumer (omnivore).

A food chain comprises a producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, and decomposer, where one organism in the chain is the energy and nutrient source for another organism.

  • Grass, wheat, and mango are producers.
  • Goats, cows, and elephants are the primary consumers.  
  • Grass is the producer, while fish and goats are the primary consumers, so they cannot constitute a food chain.


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Updated on: 06-Jan-2023


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