State any five steps to reduce the consumption of coal and petroleum products.

Five steps to reduce the consumption of coal and petroleum products are:

(i) More usage of public transport instead of using personal vehicles as it will reduce the consumption of fuel and decrease air pollution.

(ii) Avoid the usage of non-renewable sources of energy and shift towards renewable sources of energy such as solar energy in the form of solar cooker or solar light.

(iii) Switching off the electrical appliances such as fan, light, television, air condition (AC), etc. when not in use. Utilizing electrical appliances efficiently to conserve electricity.

(iv) Use stairs instead of the elevator if possible while climbing the floor of a building.

(v) Replace normal tube lights with less-electricity consuming tube lights like CFL. Less electric consumption can save coal utilization.

(vi) Reducing the usage of nonbiodegradable substances and reuse and recycle those substances will reduce the usage of coal and petroleum products. 


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Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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