What are the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy? What steps would you suggest to reduce energy consumption?

The environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy are as follows:

1. Setting up more nuclear power plants increases the radioactivity in the environment.

2. Construction of hydropower plants is disturbing the ecological balance.

3. The combustion of fossil fuels causes acid rain, due to which plants, soil, and aquatic life get damaged.

4. The combustion of fossil fuels also increases the greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide) which pollute air present in the atmosphere.

Steps for reducing energy consumption are given below:

1. Switch off all the electrical devices such as TV, lights and fans when not needed.

2. Energy-efficient electrical appliances should be used.

3. Solar cookers and pressure cookers should be used for cooking food.

4. Solar water heaters should be used.

5. Biogas should be encouraged as a cooking fuel in rural areas.

6. For covering short distances, the bicycle should be used so that precious fuels like petrol can be saved.


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