Sheila spends 15 % of her pocket money on mango juice, one-fifth of it on orange juice, and 5 % in paying fines, what fractional part of the whole has she left?

Given :

Part of the money spends on mango juice $=$ 15%.

Part of the money spends on orange juice $=\frac{1}{5}$.

Part of the money spends on fine $=$ 5%.

To do :

We have to find the fraction of money she left with.

Solution :

Let the initial pocket money be '100'%.

Total part of money spends $= \frac{15}{100} +\frac{1}{5} + \frac{5}{100}$

                                                  $ = \frac{15}{100} +\frac{20}{100} + \frac{5}{100}$ [20%$=\frac{1}{5}]$

                                                 $ = \frac{15+20+5}{100}$

                                                 $= \frac{40}{100}=40$%.

Therefore, 40 % of pocket money had spent.

Remaining pocket money $= 100 -40=60$%.

60%$=\frac{60}{100} = \frac{6}{10} = \frac{3}{5}$

Therefore, the fraction of pocket money left is $\frac{3}{5}$.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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