Find the area of square of length $ 4 \mathrm{~cm} $. Find the area of a rectangle having length $ 8 \mathrm{~cm} $ and breadth $ 2 \mathrm{~cm} $. What is the difference of two areas?


The length of the side of the square $= 4\ cm$

Length of the rectangle $= 8\ cm$

Breadth of the rectangle $= 2\ cm$

To do:

We have to find the areas of the rectangle and square and the difference of the two areas.

Solution :

We know that,

Area of a rectangle of length $l$ and breadth $b$ is $lb$.

Area of a square of side $s$ is $s^2$.


Area of the given rectangle $=8\times2\ cm^2 = 16\ cm^2.$

Area of the given square $=4^2\ cm^2 = 16\ cm^2.$

The difference between the areas of rectangle and square $=16-16\ cm^2=0\ cm^2$.

 Area of the given rectangle $=$ Area of the given square


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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