Distinguish between homologous organs and analogous organs. In which category would you place wings of a bird and wings of bat? Justify your answer giving a suitable reason.

Homologous organs
Analogous organs
(i) These organs have the same basic structure.(i) These organs are different in structure.
(ii) These organs perform different functions.(ii) These organs perform similar functions.
(iii) These organs show divergent evolution.(iii) They show convergent evolution.
(iv) Example: The bones in the human arms and bones in the front flipper of a whale have the same origin and different function.(iv) Example: The wings of birds and wings of butterflies have different origin and the same function.

 Wings of a bird and wings of a bat are analogous organs as they have different origin or different structural design and performs same function.


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Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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