Solve the blood grouping question: A man having blood group A marries with a woman having blood group O. They have a child. What will be the blood group of the child?

The man having blood group A possess two possibilities of antigen present in the blood:      IAIA or IAIO

Similarly, the woman with blood group O has no antigen present in the blood: IOIO

The possible antigens present in the blood of their child is

                                                                                                 IAIA X IOIO                                   IAIO  X  IOIO

                                                                                                 IAIO and IAIO                                IAIO and IOIO

Thus, if man is homozygous, with both dominant gene A present in the blood (IAIA), there is a 100% possibility that child will be heterozygous, with blood group A (Possessing antigen IAIO).

But, if the man is heterozygous, with blood antigen (IAIO), then the calculated possibility of blood group of child will be:

  50% blood group A (with antigen IAIO) and 50% chance of blood group O (with no antigen IOIO)

Updated on: 06-Apr-2023


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