(a) What is the law of dominance of traits? Explain with an example.(b) Why are the traits acquired during the lifetime of an inpidual not inherited? Explain.

(a) Mendel's law of dominance:

In heterozygotes, one trait will suppress the expression of another trait for the same characteristics. 

An allele that expresses its characteristics in all the situations (homozygous or heterozygous) is known as a dominant allele and the allele which is expressed only in its pure form is known as a recessive allele.

Dominant genes are the genes that are expressed in offsprings whether they are present in a heterozygous form (Tt) or homozygous (TT) form.

For example, in the height of the plant, 'T' denotes tallness and 't' denotes dwarfness of the plant. T is dominant over t in the pea plant.

(b) Acquired characters are the traits acquired by an organism during his lifetime, based on lifestyle. These traits are not passed from one generation to another as these characters/traits/changes are not linked with DNA.

For example, if a person got naturally curly hair and a good muscle physique, then the texture of the hair is inherited to his son as it is an inherited trait, but his son doesn't get the same muscle physique as it is an acquired trait.

His son has to work hard to develop the same muscle physique as this trait is not linked with DNA.


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Updated on: 18-Jan-2023


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