How do Mendel’s experiments show that the(a) traits may be dominant or recessive.(b) traits are inherited independently.

(a) Dominant genes are the genes that are expressed in offsprings whether they are present in a heterozygous form (Tt) or homozygous (TT) form.

The gene that is responsible for the functionality of an organism in the presence of an alternate form of a gene is known as a dominant gene.

The gene that is expressed only in the presence of another identical gene is known as the recessive gene. 

In the height of the plant, 'T' denotes tallness and 't' denotes dwarfness of the plant. T is dominant over t in the pea plant.

For example, When the Pure tall pea plant (TT) is crossed with the dwarf (tt) pea plant, the trait expressed will be Tt, which will produce a tall pea plant. When this gene is passed from parent to offspring, the traits preserved upon them also pass with it.

(b) Mendel crossed two pea plants differing in contrasting traits of two characters i.e a dihybrid cross.

He crossed a pea plant having yellow-colored and rounded seeds with another pea plant having green-colored and wrinkled seeds. 
The F1 generation has all round and yellow seeds.
In the F2 generation, all the characters are inherited independently. (round yellow, round green, wrinkled yellow, wrinkled green).


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Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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