(a) In the female reproductive system of human beings, state the funtions of(i) ovary (ii) oviduct(b) Mention the changes which the uterus undergoes, when(i) it has to receive a zygote.(ii) no fertilization takes place.(c) State the function of placenta.

(a) In the female reproductive system,  the function of

(i) ovary is to produce one egg every month. It is also responsible for the production of female hormones.

(ii) oviduct carries the egg from the ovary to the uterus.

(b) (i) Uterus prepares itself every month by thickening the endometrium lining of the uterus to receive a fertilized egg or a zygote.

(ii) When fertilization had not occurred, the uterus lining or endometrium lining breaks down itself and removed in the form of blood through the vagina.

(c) The placenta develops in the uterus during pregnancy to provide oxygen and nourishment to the growing baby. It also removes waste products from the baby's blood.


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Updated on: 18-Jan-2023


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