Match the following:

(a) Zygote(i) Reproductive organ
(b) Sperm(ii) A clone
(c) Flower(iii) Male gamete
(d) Egg(iv) First cell of a new organism
(e) Dolly(v) Female gamete

Correct Answer:

(a) Zygote: First cell of a new organism

(b) Sperm: Male gamete

(c) Flower: Reproductive organ

(d) Egg: Female gamete

(e) Dolly: A clone

[Extra information for reference only]

When two gametes fuse, a zygote is formed. A zygote is a fertilized egg cell which forms by the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm)
Fertilization is the process in which the nuclei of the egg and sperm unite together in the fallopian tube to form a single-celled zygote.

Clones are genetically identical cells or organisms. The first mammal to be cloned successfully from an adult cell was "Dolly- The sheep". It was born at the Roslin Institute in Scotland on July 5, 1990. 

The male parts of a flower are called the stamen. The stamen consists of anther and filament. Anther produces pollen, which sits on small pouches on top of the filament. The male gametes are produced by the pollen grains

The female parts of a flower are called the pistil. Pistil comprises of style, stigma, ovary, and ovules. The stigma catches the pollen. The ovary develops into a fruit, while the ovules develop into seeds. The ovules, when matured, produce the female gametes.


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