(a) How does an electromagnet differ from a permanent magnet?(b) Name two devices in which electromagnets are used and two devices where permanent magnets are used.

(a) The difference between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet are as follows :

Permanent magnet
1.  It is a temporary magnet.1. It is a permanent magnet. (as the name suggests)
2. It can produce a very strong magnetic force.2. It produces a weak magnetic field in comparison to an electromagnet.
3. Its strength can be changed by changing the number of turns or by changing the current.
3. Its strength cannot be changed.
4. Its polarity can be changed by changing the direction of current in the coil.4. Its polarity is fixed and cannot be changed.

(b) Two devices in which electromagnets are used :
1. In an electric bell.
2. In electric motors.

Two devices in which permanent magnet are used:
1. In microphones
2. In refrigerator doors


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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