(a) Collect different kinds of packaging material. What was the purpose for which each one mas used? Discuss in groups.
(b) Give an example in which packaging could have been reduced.
(c) Write a story on how packaging increases the amount of garbage.

(a) Packaging materials like thermocol, foam sheets, paper cuttings, cardboard, and jute are used to protect the articles. Cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and tin containers are used to facilitate the transportation of the packed materials.

(b) Packaging of toys, clothes, shoes, and chocolates can be reduced. If everyone started carrying their own carry bags for buying groceries, vegetables, fruits, shoes, clothes, toys, etc., then the need for packing these materials will be greatly reduced.

(c) We use packaging materials to protect the articles and also to make the package good-looking. For example, to give a gift on a birthday, the gift is packed and wrapped in shiny paper or plastic-coated paper. After use, the packing material is thrown in the dustbin. The wrapping of the gift doesn't determine anything. Hence, it is a waste. Either one can get into the habit of gifting without packaging, or one should try to reuse the wrappers creatively.

Similarly, plastic bags, cans, aluminum foil, plastic or aluminum cans, and other packaging materials are used and thrown out after one use. 
Many things such as ghee, refined oil, soaps, detergents, and most eatable goods are sold in small packets. If these items are sold in glass containers instead of plastic or recycled plastic.
Goods that are liquid can be sold in glass containers, and soaps can be wrapped in paper.
All the above-mentioned measures can help in reducing the amount of garbage due to packing.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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