Packaging a mobile app in built-in SAP UI5 for Android using Cordova

SAPUI5 provides different static mobile packages: or SAPUI5 supports two options for building mobile apps- it can be used as a web application loaded from a URL or it can also be developed as a hybrid app consisting of a native app wrapper.

Example: PhoneGap and an HTML viewer to display the SAPUI5 content on the user interface.

Note that “” or “” packages are not contained in the SAPUI5 runtime deployment. The packages are contained in the SCN download version of SAPUI5 and in the Open Source version OpenUI5.

SAP provides a detailed documentation of these packages:

If you check out below link, it shows PhoneGap build for packaging app however it is only restricted to one app packaging per account.
If you want to use more than one, you need to pay for PhoneGap. You can simply go to PhoneGap site and make payment. To set a PhoneGap project based on your mobile platform from this link-

The above shows sample project structure once you unzip SAPUI5 beta and the file
Copy the resources folder to \project\assets\www\sapui5\

In addition, it also shows:

  • Folder \project\assets\www\phonegap for the phonegap javascript api
  • Folder \project\assets\www\app_resources for specific web resources for my app

This link is relevant for SAP and mobile powers combined through SAPUI5 and PhoneGap: