A labourer is engaged for 20 days on the condition that he will receive Rs. $120 $ for each day he works and will be fined Rs.$  10 $ for each day he is absent. If he receives Rs.$ 1880 $ in all, for how many days did he remain absent?

Given: He is engaged for 20 days. He was paid 120 per day and fined 10 for each day he is absent.  He receives Rs. 1880. 

To find: No. of days he is absent.

Let x be number of days he worked

Total number of days is 20

So he is absent for 20-x days

Total he receives Rs. 1880. 

$120\times x - 10 (20-x) = 1880$

$120x -200 +10x = 1880$

$130x=1880 + 200$






He is absent for 
$20 - x = 20 -16 $

 = 4 days


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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